Welcome to the SDiBC Partners and Ambassadors Community!

Join a network of passionate individuals, companies, and institutions committed to driving progress and innovation within the Sudanese diaspora.

As an SDiBC Partner or Ambassador, you play a pivotal role in developing and implementing the projects that are proposed by the SDiBC Leaders, and you will actively contribute in shaping and advancing the mission of the Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference as a hub for innovation, knowledge exchange, and meaningful connections.

Why Join Us?

You will be able to collaborate on projects that have a meaningful impact on the Sudanese diaspora community, both locally and internationally, and connect with like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, and industry experts within the SDiBC ecosystem.

Benefits of Being an SDiBC Partner or Ambassador for Business Developers, Coaches, Finance, Investment, and other Experts:

  • Global Networking

Connect with fellow business developers, trainers, and finance/investment experts within the SDiBC community, creating opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

  • Showcase Expertise

Position yourself as a subject matter expert through webinars, panel discussions, and contributions to the SDiBC platform, gaining recognition within the community and beyond.

  • Business Opportunities

Access potential business opportunities, partnerships, and consulting engagements within the Sudanese diaspora network, leveraging your expertise to drive economic growth.

Benefits of Being an SDiBC Partner or Ambassador for Business Incubators, Accelerators, Large Organizations, and Government Institutions:

  •  Visibility

Gain visibility within the SDiBC community, showcasing your organization’s commitment to social and economic integration for newcomers.

  • Partnership Opportunities

Collaborate with SDiBC Leaders and other partners to support and incubate innovative projects that align with your organization’s mission and goals..

  • Access to Talent

Connect with entrepreneurial talent within the Sudanese diaspora, potentially identifying startups or projects that align with your organization’s objectives.

  • Influence and Thought Leadership

Participate in discussions and events as an industry leader, contributing to the development of best practices and policies related to social and economic integration.

  • Market Expansion

Explore opportunities for market expansion and investment in regions with a significant Sudanese diaspora presence, benefiting from insights and connections within the community.

  • Global Reach

Leverage the SDiBC platform to extend your organization’s reach and impact on a global scale, amplifying your commitment to social and solidarity economy SSE.

Meet the SDiBC Partners & Ambassadors:

June 20th - 22nd

Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference