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Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference

Welcome to the Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference (SDiBC), a dynamic and inclusive gathering of vibrant Sudanese entrepreneurs from around the world. At SDiBC, we unite our global community with a shared passion for collective innovation and a rigorous mission to promote the social and economic integration of Sudanese diaspora communities while supporting their initiatives to drive sustainable development and transformation in Sudan as a country of origin.

June 20th - 22nd

The potential that grows at the edge!

SSE-Tech-Innovation Corporate Event

We believe in the power of innovation to drive positive change, That’s why we support entrepreneurial endeavors that address the unique needs of Sudanese communities and promote collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship to uplift one another.We are committed to promoting the social and economic integration of Sudanese diaspora communities in their host countries while maintaining a strong connection to our Sudanese heritage, Our projects and initiatives are designed to have a lasting impact and are contributing to the sustainable development and transformation of Sudan.


Explore opportunities and ideas at the conference, navigating the uncharted territory of diaspora-driven business.

Discover new opportunities.


Harness the power of the Sudanese diaspora’s talents and resources for economic growth and social impact.

Utilize collective strengths.


Take action with practical insights and a roadmap to turn plans into reality, becoming proactive changemakers.

Take practical action.

SDiBC Leaders
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With a Common:

“As diaspora entrepreneurs, I believe that the responsibility to create better global cohesion lies more with us than with those we left behind, no matter what country we left or arrived at.”

Nasruddin GLADEEMA

Founder CEO BON ABROAD – SDiBC Initiator


What is SDiBC?2023-09-06T16:18:21+00:00

SDiBC, or the Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference, is a local initiative with a global vision aimed at empowering Sudanese communities abroad by supporting innovative projects and initiatives that address their unique needs and promote economic development to enhance better and sustainable integration both in host countries around the world, and in Sudan as a country of origin.

What is SDiBC Leaders, and who can join?2023-09-06T16:09:49+00:00

SDiBC Leaders is a community of individuals and organizations dedicated to fostering positive change and innovation within Sudanese communities in Sudan and around the world. It’s open to early-stage entrepreneurs, existing companies, community leaders, social innovators, government and NGO representatives, investors, and supporters who align with SDiBC’s mission.

What is the mission of SDiBC Leaders?2023-09-06T16:08:53+00:00

The mission of SDiBC Leaders is to empower Sudanese communities by supporting innovative projects and initiatives that address their unique needs, promote economic development, and enhance social integration in Sudan and abroad.

How can I join SDiBC Leaders?2023-09-06T16:07:38+00:00

To join SDiBC Leaders, you can submit your registration through our online platform. After your request is received, you will be contacted for further steps.

What types of projects and initiatives are supported by SDiBC Leaders?2023-09-06T16:07:01+00:00

SDiBC Leaders support a wide range of projects, including entrepreneurship incubators, digital solutions, skills development programs, cultural preservation initiatives, healthcare projects, financial inclusion initiatives, social and economic integration projects, innovation in education, social impact projects, and advocacy and policy initiatives.

What resources are available to SDiBC Leaders?2023-09-06T16:04:50+00:00

SDiBC Leaders have access to networking opportunities, visibility and exposure, community engagement, knowledge sharing, collaboration support, mentorship and guidance, funding and investment opportunities, educational resources, advocacy and policy support, recognition and awards, and community support.

How can I promote my project or initiative within SDiBC Leaders?2023-09-06T16:03:46+00:00

You can promote your project or initiative within SDiBC Leaders by actively participating in SDiBC events, webinars, conferences, and networking opportunities. You can also leverage the platform to showcase your work and achievements.

Are there any eligibility criteria to join SDiBC Leaders?2023-09-06T16:02:22+00:00

While there are no strict eligibility criteria, SDiBC Leaders are individuals and organizations committed to positive change, innovation, and empowerment within Sudanese communities. The alignment of your project or initiative with SDiBC’s mission is essential.

Is there a membership fee to join SDiBC Leaders?2023-09-06T16:00:51+00:00

SDiBC Leaders is committed to inclusivity and does not charge a membership fee for individuals to join. However, there may be fees associated with specific events or programs, which will be communicated in advance.

How can I contribute to the mission of SDiBC Leaders as a non-Sudanese individual or organization?2023-09-06T15:58:58+00:00

Non-Sudanese individuals and organizations are welcome to contribute to the mission of SDiBC Leaders by participating in initiatives, providing support, collaborating on projects, and sharing their expertise to empower Sudanese communities.

What is the Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference (SDiBC)?2023-08-31T01:40:39+00:00

The Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference is a unique event that aims to bring together Sudanese entrepreneurs from around the world, Professionals, Business Owners, Creators, and others to generate shared value and express their local and global mutual potential.

What is the purpose of the SDiBC?2023-04-13T01:28:04+00:00

The purpose of the SDiBC is to provide a platform for its participants to share experiences and best practices, explore business and investment opportunities in Sudan and abroad.

How can I participate in the SDiBC?2023-04-13T01:27:09+00:00

You can participate in the SDiBC by registering for the conference, submitting proposals for presentations or panel discussions, networking with other attendees, and actively engaging in the discussions and activities during the conference.

What are the expected outcomes of the SDiBC?2023-04-13T01:26:15+00:00

The expected outcomes of the SDiBC include fostering collaboration and networking, facilitating knowledge sharing and learning, identifying business and investment opportunities in Sudan, exploring ways to overcome challenges faced by the Sudanese diaspora, and developing strategies for effective engagement in Sudan’s development.

Is there a cost to attend the SDiBC?2023-04-13T01:25:10+00:00

The conference may have a registration fee to cover the costs of organizing the event. However, sponsorship opportunities and discounts for students or non-profit organizations may be available. Details regarding registration and fees will be provided on the conference website or registration portal.

Can non-Sudanese individuals or organizations attend the SDiBC?2023-04-13T01:24:11+00:00

Yes, non-Sudanese individuals or organizations who are interested in engaging with the Sudanese businesses and supporting their contributions to the development of Sudan are welcome to attend the conference and participate in the discussions and activities.

Will there be follow-up activities after the SDiBC?2023-08-31T01:41:19+00:00

Yes, the conference organizers may plan follow-up activities after the event, such as workshops, webinars, and networking events, to continue the momentum generated during the conference and further support the engagement and contributions of the Sudanese diaspora to the development of Sudan.

Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference