Active on migrants rights and international solidarity issues since 2001 in the UK and then in France , and have been living in France since 2003 ,

Social worker in the UK and Educateur specialisé since 2019 , I have always used gardening in my work to give vulnerable adults and children a sense of connection with nature , and have felt and seen the calming and emotionally stabilising effects of this activity . I have recently trained and obtained the BPREA (Brevet Responsable enterprise agricole and now wish to integrate maraichage into my work so that it can become more organised and economically productive .

Participation to the SDiBC

I want to work collectively on a welcoming cross-cultural project that brings together people from different cultures and backgrounds around a common theme and an activity that is rooted in a sense of care for each other and the environment, I think an agricultural project that carries these values can provide us with the activities that will enable social bridges and connections and give us the means to build something real, solid and durable together.

  • As a speaker at the Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference, I am delighted to share my insights on the vital themes of international solidarity, agriculture, and collective innovation.

  • I will also co-lead the interactive Green Corner Workshop, where I will have the honor to exchange with the attendees on the development of my project in various aspects including implementation strategies, resource allocation, sustainability measures, and potential partnerships.


Available for communication throughout the duration of the event.

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Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference

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