Ph.D. student in Political Science at Science Po Aix attached to the METROPOLIS laboratory, Interested in Federalism and Fragile States, Social and Enter-Ethnic Conflict, Governance Systems, Sociology of Armed Groups, Negotiations, and Peace Agreements.

Participation to the SDiBC

The notion of a “social and solidarity economy” encompasses an economic model that is grounded in principles of solidarity, cooperation, democracy, and social utility. It brings together organizations that prioritize social or environmental objectives over financial profits. The primary legal forms of the social and solidarity economy include cooperatives, mutuals, associations, and foundations.

To better understand and explore this concept, I will address three main axes that interconnect conceptual, legislative, administrative, and governance aspects:

  • The Concept and Values of Social and Solidarity Economy

  • Legal Framework of Social and Solidarity Economy

  • The Role of Diaspora in Social and Solidarity Economy

By delving into these three axes, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of the social and solidarity economy, examining its conceptual foundations, legal frameworks, and the potential contributions of the diaspora community toward its growth and impact.


I am scheduled to participate in the main session of the conference, commencing at 7:20 pm.

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Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference

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