My name is Dr. Eman. A. the owner of SaMaR Cosmetic brand “Italy” and Dr.Eman Almalik Clinic”SUDAN”, I have a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical industries and cosmetic formulation, and also another master’s in Dermocosmetics and non Surgical
Aesthetic medicine, I do provide consulting and training.

About SaMaR Italian Cosmetic Brand

My business is about green cosmetics, as I strongly support through my brand SAMAR, the concept of sustainability by using clean raw materials and recyclable packaging, to guarantee the minimum consumption of nature. I also support and motivate both women and men to use our natural skin products as they give protection and healing to their skin, many of my raw materials come from Africa and Asia to open job possibilities and support indirectly people in need.

On the other hand, ‘Dr.Eman Almalik clinic’, aims to provide skin treatment for a variety of skin conditions taking into consideration  people with dark skin and people who are sensitive to environmental pollution also providing them with a skincare routine that restores their beauty and maintains their health.

Participation to the SDiBC

I would like to participate as a speaker and storyteller to motivate and enlighten people to start or keep going in their business after all the obstacles.

  • As a speaker at the Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference, I want to share my insights on the vital themes of Innovative Practices in the Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetics in relaitionship with Social and Solidarity Economy.

  • As a co-leader of the engaging Green Corner Workshop, I will actively contribute to leading the exploration of abundant opportunities for advancements in Diaspora Innovative Collaboration. In this workshop, I will help to facilitate dynamic discussions and foster an inclusive environment where participants can collectively envision a greener and more prosperous future.


I am actively engage in the conference from start to finish!

Let’s Make Things Happen


Sudanese Diaspora Business Conference

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