Pioneer of Feed (PoF) is a dynamic youth-led initiative dedicated to promoting the economic empowerment of women in Sudan.



Over the past three years, PoF has made significant strides in developing support systems and programs aimed at enhancing the skills of women entrepreneurs. With a steadfast commitment to women’s development, women’s rights, and economic empowerment, PoF has been able to provide direct support to more than 200 women, while also assisting over 60 women-led startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Through a series of impactful projects initiated since 2018, PoF has been instrumental in accelerating the growth of women-owned companies in Sudan and addressing their financial needs. Aligning its efforts with Sustainable Development Goals 1, 8, and 9, PoF has actively worked to empower women by nurturing their leadership abilities, teaching them the art of building alliances, and fostering resilience.

Despite the ongoing war in Sudan, Pioneer of Feed (PoF) remains resilient and committed to its mission of promoting the economic empowerment of women. Recognizing the challenges posed by the conflict, PoF understands the critical importance of supporting women entrepreneurs during these difficult times.

Participation to the SDiBC

PoF is actively engaged in re-adapting its programs and initiatives to cater to the unique needs of working women in areas indirectly affected by the conflict in Sudan. The organization is proactively seeking measures to support and provide resources to women entrepreneurs who are navigating the complexities of doing business amidst the war.

  • We participate in SDiBC with the aim of developing strategies that enable us to provide financial support to women in rural areas of Sudan.

  • PoF is proud to present three of its projects that serve as beacons of hope, even in the darkest of circumstances.

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Through our participation, We aim to provide practical and tangible support to women entrepreneurs, enabling them to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and contribute to the growth and development of peace in their communities.


Through our dedicated representative, we guarantee an unwavering presence at the SDiBC event from start to finish.

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